Friday, 20 November 2015

A November Week

November seems to get faster and faster. This week has included looking at a sixth form, a Medieval feast and tomorrow, we are due to have an early birthday celebration. We always celebrate Sunday birthdays on Saturdays. This birthday marks us having two children who are no longer teenagers. I can't quite believe that I'm so old!

Please remember that this sort of post shows the most visual side of what we do. I don't usually take pictures of the daily English and maths. This doesn't mean that we don't do these subjects just that the photos are less exciting and generally, we work in a room whose lighting is not conducive to photos.

The beginning of the week was dominated by our preparations for the Medieval Feast. We then cooked.

 Trenchers waiting to be used.

Pears in grape juice.

The table was decorated.

Apparently, white cloths would have been used in the Middle Ages. Note the absence of forks which hadn't been invented. Traditionally, guests would have been expected to bring their own knives but we live in London, and encouraging people to wander around with knives might be irresponsible.

I'm sorry about the light, in the next picture, but just to show that food was served on trenchers.

Lastly, the marzipan decorations.

Back to normal, or normal and rather tired, we went on our nature walk, the following day. This week, we were looking for lichen. Rather, to my surprise, we found loads despite living in London. I wonder whether the air is better quality than I had imagined or whether lichen are more resilient.

We found that many of the sticks, on the ground, showed a fair amount of lichen. Does lichen weaken branches or do conditions that favour lichen favour decay?
There was plenty of evidence of autumn.
Note the parakeet.

We didn't get to draw anything as there was a deluge soon after these pictures were taken. A fair amount of rain meant that the following day, Youngest Son and some friends were able to have a wonderful time jumping in puddles!

What we have been reading:
  • A Single Shard for the book club at the home education group. This is about Medieval Korea. This was the week in which we looked at South Korea. The picture book that I used was If you were me and lived in South Korea which is one of the series by Carol Roman.
  • A beautiful picture book Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges.
  • Cathedrals by David Macaulay and also his picture book, Angelo. Both these fitted in with the week's history topic of Cathedrals in the Middle Ages. This topic has led to some interesting discussions. As always, the history educates me-I should now be able to distinguish a Gothic cathedral!
  • Mary Jones and her Bible by Mary Ropes.
  • Narnia has been consumed by Younger Daughter. 
I've been reading
  • The Reading Zone
  • Dementia: Pathways to Hope by Louise Morse
  • Revival and Revivalism by Iain Murray
  • J.C. Ryle's Expository thoughts on Mark
  • Penny Plain by O Douglas (John Buchan's sister)-a very quick reread. A book for tired days!
Hope that you are all withstanding the dull days well. I love sun and bright days but I guess these duller days make us appreciate them more.

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