Thursday 5 November 2015

November Inspiration

November has come with thick mists and the thought that it is only a few weeks until the end of the year.

I've been reading about Nancy Atwell who won a Global Teacher Prize and her approach to teaching literature and writing. The reading workshop idea seems similar to the sort of approach that many home educators use. The child can choose books from a pre-selected range and the adult and child discuss the books. I'm thinking that there are plenty of ideas that I could use to improve how we talk about books. 

Danika Cooley has written a  Christian homeschool manifesto. Definitely worth reading.

Annie Kate has home educated her five children. Three of these are now at university. She canvassed her children of their top home education resources and the results make interesting reading.

Lynn at Raising Shoots has written a tutorial around Creating a Watercolour nature journal page.  This fits with her curriculum Exploring Nature with Children. Currently, I chicken out and we use water colour pencils. I'm wondering whether we should be brave and take our paints out with us.

Finally, Delivering Grace is now on Instagram as delivering_grace. I am enjoying seeing other's lovely photos. I've started #homeedweek and would love others to join in.

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