Monday 30 November 2015

Looking back with ME

Hazel Stapleton is a cyber friend. In many ways, it seems strange that I have never met her. We email each other and pray for each other. We hear the same sermons as Hazel watches the live stream from my church. Hazel has written a guest post for me. We must be similar ages but there the similarity ends. Hazel has spent most of her adult years with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). This has meant that she is severely disabled and is cared for by her elderly parents. 

Now, Hazel has been unwell for a quarter of a century and has written a short book about this: Looking back with ME: an account of living for a quarter of a century with the neuroimmune disorder ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). 
This documents Hazel's life both before and since her illness. Yes, it isn't cheerful to read about a chronic illness and some of the difficulties both with diagnosis and in terms of management of the condition. Yet, Hazel is a Christian and is clear that she has a hope greater than this life.

I can see how things will be in the long-term (i.e.Heaven!), but I can't at present see how things will work out in the short- term. Yet I know that I am in God's hands.

This book is worth reading. Of course, it is of relevance to people with ME but also to those of us who have been given many years of good health. It is easy to moan and forget to be thankful for this gift. It is encouraging to be reminded of the Lord and His promises.

Hazel's book can be downloaded from her website, On Eagles Wings. It is available as  mobi, epub and pdf.

Disclaimer: Hazel sent me a copy of her book but did not ask me to review it. The opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh, I was diagnosed with that too, and an alternative MD had me tested for various things and told me to eliminate gluten and all sorts of yeasts and yeast precursors and gave me mounds of supplements to take. Although I am not well and have to be careful about everything I do, I can do many things and am at least 1000% better than I used to be. Has Hazel seen an alternative or holistic MD?

    1. Annie Kate, glad you are so much better.

      Hazel mentions that she has seen a herbalist and a consultant in homeopathic medicine but sadly, neither this hasn't helped her.