Tuesday 10 November 2015

Christians and the First World War

Christians and the First World War is a booklet that we were sent by Christian Values in Education. This is a group whose aim is to counter atheistic and amoral influence in education today.

The booklet, written by Matthew Hyde, draws from letters and testimonies of Christians who were involved in the First World War in various roles: army, navy, air force and medical corps. It also details the impact on those left behind including a description from a man caught up in the bombing of Hartlepool. 

The Christians involved were Strict Baptists and many of the records come from letters and obituaries published in magazines associated with Strict Baptists but the thoughts expressed are those which are relevant to all Christians. John Ryland's lines were often quoted.
Plagues and deaths around me fly,
Till he bids I cannot die;
Not a single shaft can hit,
Till the God of love sees fit.

One section deals with the difficulties associated with serving in the forces including being surrounded with bad language; not keeping the Lord's Day; difficulty maintaining principles and lack of fellowship. 

The book is simply written and I hope to read parts of this to my children, this week. Copies of the booklet can be obtained from Christian Values in Education. The email address is administation@cvie.org.uk. No charge is made for the publication but donations towards the cost are appreciated.

I recommend this little book for a Christian perspective on the First World War.

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