Friday 11 December 2015

Best books of 2015 and why you should read them too!

Over 2015, I have read 46 books. There are currently five on the go. Not an enormous total but anyway, here are my top books.

The photo is of my Kindle as four out of seven of my top picks were 

My reads tend to be divided into five categories

  • Christian
  • children's books-I pre-read for my children and for the Book Club which I run. 
  • books about education
  • light reading for when I am tired. 
  • parenting
So these are my top picks from this year's books.

J.C. Ryle's Expository thoughts on the Gospels. Over this year, I have read Matthew and Mark and am now on the first volume of Luke. These are a reread and are well worth reading. Why do I like them?
  • Ryle explains the passage in a clear way. They were written in Victorian times but this is not typical Victorian prose.
  • The passage is printed in the text.
  • Ryle applies the passage in a practical and challenging way.
  • Difficulties in interpretation are faced and not ignored or explained in a fanciful way.
  • Each section is sufficiently short that it can be read in a few minutes.
When Lightning Struck-The Story of Martin Luther by Danika Cooley. I reviewed this recently

Children's Books
These are the books that I have preread. There is another list of read alouds which I have read to the children.

Treasures of the Snow-an engaging Christian children's book set in Switzerland. We also enjoyed the DVD of this film.

Gentle Ben-what happens when a boy befriends a bear. My review is here.

Two very different books

Lynn Seddon's book Exploring Nature with Children. I have reviewed this book too. The book now comes with us every week on our nature walk.

Nancie Atwell's book The Reading Zone has encouraged me to be regular and consistent about setting aside time for the children, and me, to read. It has also provided inspiration for the book club and for talking to my children about books.  I have reviewed this book.

Light Reading

Elizabeth Goudge's sensitive book Scent of Water was worth reading and I am looking forward to discussing it in an on-line book club, in the New Year. Without giving spoilers, Mary is left a house in the country by her maiden aunt. She is able to learn more about her aunt's life and illness, through diaries, while she learns far more about life than in her London civil service post. Elizabeth Goudge is thought to have drawn on her own experience of mental illness in writing this book. 

Of course, I would love to have more book recommendations. I am currently enjoying a book recommended by one of my readers, thank you Nelleke.

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  1. I always enjoy hearing what other people have been reading, thanks for this post.