Friday 4 December 2015

Christmas Plants

Our nature study, this week, was called Christmas Plants but the nature walk extended, this time to three walks and, of course, we didn't just see Christmas Plants. 

Early in the week, my husband told us that he had seen a tawny owl above a local footpath. We rushed out and thought the owl had gone but then realised that it was in a tree above us. Youngest Son drew in his nature journal.

The actual nature walk was full of squirrels. Youngest Son had some acorns in his coat pockets which he dropped on the ground for them.

We found a conifer to draw. I wasn't best pleased with my attempt so don't think that I will put it on here! Anyway, we had a happy time drawing and realising quite how low the sun is by mid-afternoon.

Youngest Son and I managed another quick nature walk. This time, we found holly.

This was slightly earlier in an afternoon and the light was wonderful. Youngest Son climbed a tree, as usual, and then decided that he had to record what he saw. The next photo is his.

If you are interested in getting children outside, then go to the Wildlife Trusts site for information about their new campaign, Every Child Wild. 

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