Monday 13 June 2016

30 Summer Literacy Activities

In just under six weeks, the summer holiday arrives in England. We aren't year round home educators and are looking forward to the break but there are some hard won reading and writing gains which need to be consolidated. I have read many posts about people just carrying on with reading lessons as usual but I know this wouldn't be popular. My alternative is to try to find an enjoyable activity for each day. 

The holiday is roughly six weeks and my aim is to have an activity for each weekday. Doubtless, successful activities can be recycled! This list has thirty activities so roughly one for each weekday of the holidays.

  • new or new to them books. Having older siblings means that there are often books that can just be pulled off our shelves.

  • a reading challenge. We have used the library one for several years but might construct our own.

  • poetry picnic

  • Bogle

  • Junior Scrabble

  • Cooking using a recipe

  • using an old read aloud for a child to read. Some of our Five in a Row books will be ideal for this.

  • activities related to books: so far, ideas have included acting out books, making puppets and art. 
  • recipes related to books. One day, I will make proper baked beans like in Farmer Boy.
  • New read aloud. A humorous book would be ideal but I have a bad reputation of laughing so much that I can't read so this might have to be reserved for an audio book.

  • share reading a book

  • audio books

  • write the shopping list

  • email a friend ( we allow our younger children to email friends via their parents' and my email accounts).

  • write to a friend

  • write to someone abroad-missionary, sponsored child

  • treasure hunt using written clues

  • read a magazine-the RSPB produce an attractive magazine for children as part of their junior membership.

  • read a newspaper. First News is particularly designed for children and is eagerly awaited here.

  • read somewhere different: reading in a tent or at a picnic

  • word searches

  • Word Trek (free app. The higher levels are very difficult but this starts at an easy level and our children have redone these)

  • Word Smart another free app but where it is possible to design the child's challenges

  • Word cards to make random sentences

  • Provide a new notebook

  • Start a journal
There are undoubtedly more ideas. Please share what you do to encourage reading over the summer. 

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  1. This is an excellent list, Sarah, and I am pinning it for use during the summer! Our son has made huge batches of homemade baked beans several times, and they were enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for sharing all this :-)

    1. Thank you, Gwen. My children love to cook so we should probably read Farmer Boy and make homemade beans this summer.