Thursday 2 June 2016

June Inspiration

It is almost summer although London is decidedly chilly at present. 

Fitting in well with summer is the Wildlife Trusts 30 Day Wild challenge. I'm hoping that we will spend plenty of time outside. The last couple of days, we have spent some hours out of doors but mainly in playgrounds. Anyway, here are the dog roses spotted on our journey.

Creekside Learning has produced more ideas for handwriting practice. The mud writing reminded me of when we tried mud painting- an unforgettable experience!

Edsnapshots had an excellent podcast about maths in Morning Time. There is a fascinating list of resources and some useful suggestions in the actual podcast. I have one of the books winging its way to me!

Adventures in Literacy Land had a post about using Marcia Williams' graphic novels. It is written from a classroom perspective but has some different thoughts about how to use these books. These books are popular here and we find that the library stocks a wide range. So far, we have used them as an introduction to authors but may expand!

Finally, some simple instructions for keeping nature notebooks and making the point that this isn't some exclusive home education club but for everyone.

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