Thursday 9 June 2016

Chartwell-a place of adventure

Guest post by Younger Daughter who also took the photos.

This half term we went to one of the home of one of the country's most famous people, Winston Churchill. We discovered what a home for the prime minster would have been like and the amazing gardens that surrounded it. They did not let us take pictures in the house but the imagination is better, so our story begins. 

First, a walk in the woods that made you imagine that  you were in a book or a fairy tale.

Buttercups and the smell of the country.

Wild flowers just like a book. 

 A little lake with hundreds of fish!!!

I wonder where this leads?

English woodland and in six of the trees were old fashioned board swings, just like the ones that my Great-Grandad made

The duck pond had goslings. 

Yet another pond and more animals. 

The drive and front garden, just mowing that lawn would take a little while.

Walled gardens. This wall was built by Churchill himself but after ninety years is in need of repair. I think it is safe to say that Churchill was more suited to being prime minster. 

The house is having work done due to water coming in. 

We loved the purple sage- the colour of plums

 and the purple irises.

A place where story can unfold and an adventure can start.

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