Monday, 6 June 2016

June Morning Basket

June is a complicated month as Middle Son has two weeks of exams. On these days, sadly, but inevitably, the Morning Basket will be neglected. Anyway, hopefully, there will still be plenty of days when we can keep to our usual routine. This is just a brief season.

Morning time is one of the happiest times of the day-short, easy sections and I have learnt from it as well as the children.

Anyway, this is the plan.

  •  Prayer
  •  section from A Child's Story Bible. We are currently reading the New Testament volume.
  •  memory work. We are learning Psalm 103. One of my readers reminded me about the lovely illustrated Psalm 103 by Johanna Bluedorn which I have now pulled out.
  •  a hymn. At present, a free choice from our church's children's hymnbook.

Art Appreciation-weekly
We are continuing to read 13 Bridges every child should know and finding that some of the bridges have been in the news both in Florence and Paris.
I'm working on a plan for picture study for next term so back to more traditional art.

Music Appreciation-weekly
We haven't yet finished the Ladybird book of Composers-Beethoven next.

Maths-daily (this isn't our only maths time but a time for fun maths and a little revision!)
I have just purchased some maths story books:
  • How much is a million?
  • Divide and ride
  • Less than zero
Other activities for this slot are
  • estimating
  • fraction equivalence dominoes
  • trilemma
  • tables matching pairs
Geography weekly
Currently, we are running through some capitals.

Read aloud

We have finished most of our collection of Beatrix Potter books. My enthusiasm for reading in this slot varies but I hope to read Emil and the Detectives next.

Do you have a morning time? Do post suggestions and thoughts.

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