Thursday 4 August 2016

August Inspiration

We spent last week in Yorkshire. It was a precious time; partly, because we had all the children together which doesn't happen so often with some adult children and partly, because the holiday almost didn't happen. Thankfully, we were able to go and the care arrangements here worked well.

My hope is that I can use August for planning, catching up with some neglected household chores, reading and time with the children.

In terms of planning, I found this post about free homeschool sites. We have used some but not all of these sites. Not mentioned but worth visiting is Seterra.

Another freebie is the Institute of Excellence in Writing's Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization which is free until the end of August. Confession time: we won't use this course in the way that it is written but will use the poetry anthology at Poetry Tea.

I have written about our Morning Time and enjoyed Marianne Sunderland's post on The Best Homeschool Hack-Morning Time. She finishes the post with a useful list of resources.

Amy has written about postnatal depression (PND) and specifically, how to help someone with PND. I have started to write about PND on several occasions and more draft posts about this than any other subject. Anyway, please read Amy's post.

Something a bit different, Se7en has a post about making eco-bricks. That would be a great project.

Hope you are having a restful summer!

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  1. Nice you managed to get all the family together, gets harder as they get older! And I'm sure you were ready for the break. Hx

    1. Yes, it was great to all be together. You are right about it being more difficult as they get older!

  2. Love that photo! We've got all our family coming for lunch tomorrow. We know other families with older kids who've married or left home and who get together every week for dinner. We've just never been able to manage that with - some work shift work, have evening classes etc so I try to aim for once a month on a Sunday afternoon.