Wednesday 17 August 2016

Year 3 Plans

One of the beauties of home education is that education can be individualised. Youngest Son has been very keen to learn some physics and like many little boys, doesn't have a long attention span. This has meant that my plans for him need to
  • include physics
  • have short slots
  • include narration to encourage careful attention
  • alternate types of activities
  • include hands on activity
Our educational plans are founded on God's Word. We start the day with learning about the Lord in Morning Time.

Nessy and plenty of reading aloud to me. 


For the first time, Youngest Son will be able to take part in a book club. We will be reading the books at home as well as having other family read alouds, often related to history. In the first half of the autumn term, we hope to have a unit study about Tom's Midnight Garden  from Branch Out World. I plan to review this around half term.

My aim is for a little writing each day. More details of the grand plan, in a separate post.

Youngest Son uses the Schofield and Sims handwriting workbook. We have done writing in salt but it is difficult to write much with this method and we probably need to increase stamina. We will include some blackboard writing.

Poetry teas have led to Youngest Son being familiar with certain poems. Last year, Excuses was his favourite. My plan is that he becomes familiar with a larger range of poetry.


Galore Park Junior Maths book One. In addition, we hope to attend some local maths exploration sessions.


Youngest Son is very keen to learn some physics. Wildflowers and Marbles has lesson plans based on David Macauley's book The Way things work. 
To go with this, we will add some K'nex educational kits and some simple books on physics.
My plan is that we will have short sessions, a couple of times a week.

We are still using the Apologia Swimming Creatures book and plan to continue this as well as our weekly nature walks, using Exploring Nature with Children.


Story of the World, book 3: Early Modern times. We have the activity book but will use our own extra books, particularly around English history and church history. Hopefully, there will also be some trips out. 

We don't plan anything formal beyond the continent study that we hope to continue in our home education group (Europe, North and South America are the relevant continents, this year). Geography will also come up in history; in following the travels of friends and family and in learning about believers in other lands.


Singing and music appreciation form part of our Morning Time.


Art appreciation is part of our Morning Time while art will be included in history. 

Physical Education

We plan to continue swimming lessons, cycling and time outside in our local parks.

There is still a fair amount of planning to be done, particularly, around the practicalities of fitting everything in! I'm a bit concerned that we may be trying to do more science than is realistic.

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  1. We used some videos for physics - suitable for all ages:
    I did have a list of the best ones but I think it's on a post somewhere.If I find it I'll let you know.

  2. Just found the link: