Monday 14 March 2011

Are these almost lost verses?

Last Saturday afternoon, I was in the back row of the gallery of a packed country chapel, with a congregation rejoicing at the recognition service of a new pastor.

The third hymn was one that I thought was well known but as I sang the words struck me and I realised that it had been many years since I had sung it. Later, at home, I leafed through hymn books and found that it is only found in two in our collection which also happen to be the two used when I was a child. My husband said that he had only sang it once before and that only because a friend had especially liked it and had it printed out.

The hymn is by Joseph Irons who founded Grove Chapel in Camberwell, London and was also involved in founding the society now known as Pilgrim Homes. Sorry about the unclear picture. This is scanned from an old history of Grove Chapel, Camberwell covering the first one hundred years to 1919.

 I assume that this hymn has gone out of circulation because of some similarities to "There is a fountain filled with blood." still it seems sad to have almost lost this one.

What sacred Fountain yonder springs
Up from the throne of God,
And all new covenant blessings brings?
'Tis Jesus' precious blood.

What mighty sum paid all my debt,
When I a bondman stood,
And has my soul at freedom set?
'Tis Jesus' precious blood.

What stream is that which sweeps away
My sins just like a flood,
Nor lets one guilty blemish stay?
'Tis Jesus' precious blood.

What voice is that which speaks for me
In heaven's high court for good,
And from the curse has set me free?
'Tis Jesus' precious blood.

What theme, my soul, shall best employ
Thy harp before thy God,
And make all heaven to ring with joy?
'Tis Jesus' precious blood.


  1. Beautiful! I'll save this one and look for it in some of our old hymnals. Blessings!

  2. Yes, and in Gadsby's but I haven't found it anywhere else.