Tuesday 30 July 2013

Old Schoolhouse Expo

Home education conferences are few and far between in the UK. So far, I haven't attended one so I was pleased to find out about an on-line conference, the  Schoolhouse Expo. This takes place between 19th and 23rd August. It does take place in the US (1300-2000 Eastern Time) so some of the sessions will be a bit late, here in the UK but recordings are included in the cost of the ticket. There are 30 speakers and it sounds like a fascinating and inspirational event.

When I was in medicine, I had to attend conferences and often sat there jotting down new ideas, things to implement in my practice, thoughts to research further. I'm looking forward to an event that will inspire me just before the start of the new academic year.

The conference costs just $24 (which on an on-line calculator today is £15.75).  Tickets can be purchased from Schoolhouse Expo.

Schoolhouse Expo

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post for which I will receive a ticket to the Expo.

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