Thursday, 14 August 2014

Back to Homeschooling: celebrating the joys

This is Day Four of the Back to Home School blog hop. 

Day One: The Overview
Day Two: Lunches for every day of the week

Day three: Surviving the difficult days

There are days which are a struggle but there are also many joys. The beginning of the year is a great time to remember these.

  • We can read the Bible and pray with our children. We can teach them that we can pray about our tasks and about work they find difficult. 
  • Education can be individualised. A child who finds one area difficult can work on this whilst not being held back in another area. The curriculum can be moulded to the child.

  • The happiness of a child succeeding, particularly, in something that they have previously found difficult.

  • Fun field trips!
  • Friends of different ages.

  • Reading books together. Laughing at books or having to read another chapter to "see what happens next".

  • Time outside exploring God's wonderful world. 
Of course, these aren't joys that are exclusive to home educators but we do have an abundance to these to enjoy.
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