Wednesday, 22 June 2011


My younger two aged 4 and 1/2 and 2 enjoy 5-a-Day books. One of these books is our Five in a Row book which we explore in more depth.
This week the books are around the theme of the family.

Our Five in a Row book is Little Nino's Pizzeria by Karen Barbour.

The children have already enjoyed playing at running a pizzeria with a menu, specials, cleaning and looking at coins.

The other books are Does anybody love me by Gillian Lobel.

The tale of Tom Kitten by Beatrix Potter

We enjoy Shirley Hughes' books and have chosen two, this week. Many of her books deal with family life from the point of view of little children. They have been well loved (one of the photos shows this well) and the children know the stories and can remember parts of the text.

Alfie's feet

5 a day books


  1. Thank you for sharing these books. I find as I get immersed in more mature readings for our older children, I'm not as aware of other great reads for the Littles. My children love playing restaurant, so I bet the pizza book will be a favorite. :)

  2. My four year loves "Little Nino's Pizzeria" too.

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