Monday 20 June 2011

Emergency plans

It was the toothache which reminded me that I really need an emergency plan. I've been blessed with good health but there is always the risk of loosing my voice, Grandma being ill or any of a number of other scenarios common to family life.
It seems sensible to plan for one of these scenarios happening occasionally.
Some parts are easy, or should be easy to prepare over the summer- meals ready from the freezer

 but the educational bit needs more thought.
The criteria are that it should fit in with the rest of the current work, need minimal supervision from an otherwise busy or ill adult and should be suitable for preschoolers and an older child (the children will be preschool, reception and year 7 age come September).

It seems realistic to have only one day planned like this. Longer episodes would need more planning. It also needs not to get out of date.

My solution is to plan a light curriculum based on Middle Son being able to get on with maths and English on his own-so re-enforcement not a major new topic. He can also do reading related to most of the subjects. The younger children can listen to a story CD, perhaps do some phonics on line and probably do magic painting without too much mess. A DVD linked to a history or geography topic will keep everyone happy and if not used in this way can be used at the end of term as a treat. Middle son or hopefully, an adult with a voice, can read a little to the younger siblings.

This plan can be used again and again but will just need revision, and new CDs/DVDs, each term. Not an ideal day but better than it could be.
In the meantime, modern dentistry and painkillers have meant that we haven't had to go onto emergency plan, yet....

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  1. I have to admit that I rarely plan for emergencies. Thank you for the suggestion/reminder! Blessings!