Thursday, 30 June 2011

Eczema friendly clean mud

Anna at the Imagination Tree, posted about making clean mud.

The clean mud looked great fun but I knew that it would be bad news to expose my child, with eczema, to vast quantities of soap but he would love anything resembling mud. So, we made an eczema friendly version.

First, the emollient was poured out into a tray with some torn up kitchen roll. It didn't come out of the pot very well.
Some red food colouring was added and mixed.

We mixed the two together and Miss Belle decided that she didn't like the paper.

Two children then played and standing in the mixture seemed to be best.

We tried footprints but they were a bit smeary.

Miss Belle ran around shouting, "This is such fun" and Mr Exuberance's eczema didn't get worse-in fact his feet and ankles seemed to benefit!
Then back to the real mud.

Warning: emollient may make the children prone to slipping. We didn't have any problems with this but were working outside and most of the running was done on grass.

This is linked to It's Playtime where there are many, many play ideas.


  1. Perfect! I love the idea of adding colouring too. We shall be doing that next time, thank you! So, did it become a soft, foamy pulp? Or did Miss Belle not allow any paper mixing?

  2. I'm afraid that the paper was carefully removed by Miss Belle. Must try her with paper mache and see if she enjoys that.