Tuesday 5 July 2011

5-a-Day books-lighthouses

Miss Belle was keen to "do" lighthouses this week. Not sure that we will get to see the real thing but hopefully, will make a model.

I hadn't planned to "row" a Five in a Row book but The little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge by Hildegarde Swift and Lynd Ward was an obvious choice.
There is so much to explore around this book-looking at why rivers flow was the first with some practical experiments.

We added another lighthouse keeper book, this time, The lighthouse keeper's lunch by Rhona and David Armitage.
I was in one of my favourite charity shops at the weekend and picked up an amazing selection of books including  Little Captain by Claudio Munoz which has a sea theme and a vague lighthouse connection.
We are also booking at an old Ladybird book, The story of Lighthouses, lightships and lifeboats to dip into rather than as part of 5-a-Day.
I'm sure there are many more books about lighthouses for children but at this point I diverged from the theme and chose a couple of books that Mr Exuberance is asking for several times a day.
Duck to the rescue by Jez Alborough is the first.
The other is a lift the flap Duck book, again by Jez Alborough, Duck's Key where can it be?
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