Wednesday 20 July 2011

Summer schedule

For the first time, I've decided to have a summer schedule. Very much as a servant and certainly not to prevent us doing other things but for those days when things have to be done around the house and time could be lost.

What do I want to achieve from the summer schedule?

  • structured time for Mr Exuberance. 
  • regular reading time for Miss Belle
  • using time to learn Bible verses
  • teaching the children chores
  • cleaning and decluttering time
  • planning time
  • not getting too exhausted time
This is week one on the schedule.
So far, a useful guide but we haven't kept to it fully. That is probably how it should be. It has meant that in a week where I'm taking people to appointments on four out of five days, we have achieved more than we otherwise might have done.

This is a useful, free resource for little ones and chores. The cards are visual and the chores, except vacuuming are realistic.

Like all schedules it needs tweaking. So much for doing intensive cleaning in the afternoon when a two year old is desperate to help! Sadly, that knocks the reading time in the evening. Still, these moments with the little ones are very precious-more than my reading or the cleaning and the planning will happen somehow!


  1. I have to agree! We've loved having our schedule, it helps keep us all from just sitting around and being bored :) There is always some type of activity or lesson going on!


  2. Your plan sounds great! You're very wise to treasure those moments with the Littles above the reading or cleaning. :)

  3. Schedules keep me disciplined. I need a schedule! :-)