Monday 18 July 2011

Summer in North Wales

We are just back from a week in North Wales sans internet.
There was sea,
 a castle
 and Ty Mawr.

Ty Mawr is the birthplace of Bishop Morgan who translated the Bible into Welsh.

What worked for us this year?

  • Finding a holiday cottage nearish to a church we wanted to attend.

  • Going on holiday before most schools were on holiday.

  • Enjoying the beach and countryside rather than many formal "attractions".

  • Not using the topbox on the car certainly made petrol costs better than in previous years.

Where we could improve

Occupations and snacks for the journey. We did take some favourite books and I heard "The hungry caterpillar" and "Tremendous tractors" more times than I care to think about but we could have done with more for the little ones plus healthy snacks.

The constant enigma
Holidays in the three generation family. Our eldest son stayed at home to look after Grandma which is sort of a solution. We are between this and taking everyone using two cars which means that my husband and I have double the driving and realistically we can't travel too far. Maybe another time we will take everyone but not go far.


  1. We love North Wales! Which castle is that? We haven't been to Ty Mawr--will have to look into going there next time.

  2. We love North Wales too. The castle is Conwy-great although a bit scary with a two year old! Ty Mawr is in the back of beyond past Betws but in a beautiful place.

  3. We'll be in mid-wales in mid-august as I'm preaching in Llandrindod Wells (it is doubling up as a holiday). I am amazed that there is a clear difference with and without the box on your car top. Would you say it saved ten per cent, or more?

  4. Ty Mawr is lovely and unpretentious for a National Trust property.We visited there a couple of years ago-it's worth the journey along the isolated roads. We were amazed at the confusion of language in Wales prior to the translation of the Bible.

  5. Jonathan,

    I don't have exact figures but am sure that we saved 10% plus. We were pleasantly surprised. It did mean the car was a bit more crowded but it is surprising how much can fit under the seat in a Zafira!

    Sarah-sorry this computer doesn't like me commenting using my Google account and I haven't worked out how to solve this yet.

  6. It sounds like you had a beautiful vacation. I miss Europe but would not want to go without my family and that would cost a good penny. But when we do travel, we also enjoy the beach and countryside much more than the attractions. Blessings!