Tuesday 26 July 2011


This week's 5-a-Day books are all around summer.

Sadly, I couldn't find the book that I really wanted with Alfie's camping adventure. I have the book but must have misplaced it somewhere. Does anyone else have problems keeping children's picture books in order? The Alfie camping adventure is fun and always leads to acting out parts of the story with a pop-up tent.

Anyway, these are the books:

First, just the summer section from Shirley Hughes' book, Out and about through the year. I love this book of poems, and its illustrations and even quite little children appreciate it.

Jonathan Mark at the seaside by Jacqueline Sibley is an old favourite first published in 1970 by Scripture Union. I remember this being read to my siblings. The pictures are very 1960s.
Hissss by Mick Inkpen is a Kipper book about a hot day-very simple and appreciated by Mr Exuberance.

Wheels by Shirley Hughes is about a city summer.

The lighthouse keeper's picnic by Ronda and David Armitage is yet another lighthouse keeper book with plenty of sun and food!

We've had a bit of a lighthouse theme for a few weeks. This has involved various lighthouse models.
including a rather lopsided version made of cake.
We covered a Swiss roll with icing and added red strips round the side.

Not healthy but memorable!

This is linked to 5-a-Day books which is a great way of sharing books with little ones.

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