Thursday, 28 July 2011


Last Sunday, this lovely old hymn by John Kent was quoted.

A refuge for sinners the gospel makes known;
'Tis found in the merits of Jesus alone;
The weary, the tempted, and burdened by sin,
Were never exempted from entering therein.

This refuge for sinners His love did ordain,
In Jesus the Lamb, from eternity slain;
And if God the Spirit reveal this to you,
Take refuge in Jesus, though hell should pursue.

The soul that shall enter in safety shall dwell;
There's no peradventure of sinking in hell;
The oath of Jehovah secures him from fear,
Nor shall the avenger of blood enter there.

Here's refuge for sinners, whose guilt shall appear
As black as the confines of endless despair;
Who, stript of all merit whereon to rely,
Are taught by the Spirit to Jesus to fly.

Should conscience accuse us, as oft-times it may,
Here's blood that can take its defilement away.
In Jesus the Saviour, the sinner shall view
A city of refuge and righteousness too.

I remember singing it, as a teenager, at my Grandparents' church. Wonderful words and the singing was unaccompanied, in four part harmony,with a capable precentor.

It is so good to have been reminded of this hymn and the truths it conveys.
The sermon was from Nahum 1v 7
"The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him."


  1. Wonderful! I'll have to see if this is in our hymnal. This is one I'd want my children to memorize. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful hymn! Thank you so much for sharing it!