Monday, 24 October 2011

Library books

After our  exciting trip which linked with some previous books, I don't have a special theme for this week's books. It seems that many Mondays we start reading our 5-a-Day books and then go to the library and find a whole lot more books. 5-a-Day becomes more like 10 or 15-a-day. So this week's plan is to make life simpler and use the books from a recent library trip.

Our local library allows each child up to 15 books which is a fair number to keep an eye on and read. I should say that I am sensible and only allow five or six but it wouldn't be true. We do end up with large numbers of books. I have selected five for our 5-a-Day which we will plan to read each day. These also seem to be the children's favourites of the current bag of books.

Where are you blue kangaroo? by Emma Chichester Clark. We've had other Blue Kangaroo books out before. In this one, Blue Kangaroo gets lost again and again.
This is the bear and the picnic lunch, by Sarah Hayes, is a book the children were excited to find as we have another in the series. This is the sort of book that gets read twice before breakfast. The text is simple and in rhyme.
Suddenly by Colin McNaughton is an amusing book about Preston Pig and how he evades the wolf, perhaps completely accidentally.
Down by the cool of the pool by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees is another book in rhyming text with lots fun onomatopoeic words. This book is by the author of one of our favourites, Amazing Machines.
I want a sister by Tony Ross is part of the Little Princess series. Probably more popular with the children than me-the princess is rather spoilt but it has a satisfactory ending!
This is linked to 5-a-Day books at the Imagination Tree. 

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  1. Haha yes that princess IS spoilt! I think that's a good discussion point about behaviour issues (or could be turned into one!) She's an obnoxious little character, but all too familiar sometimes, eek!