Monday, 17 October 2011


We are enjoying the beginning of half term and so this week we aren't reading a Five in a Row book. Instead we have a bit of a cat theme. I'm not quite sure why; one of the little ones really doesn't like cats. Thankfully cats in books seem to be different.

Mog and Bunny is a book that we have read to all five children. Strange to think that I've been reading it for a decade and a half.

Misty by Rod Campbell is by another classic children's author. I can't remember which child acquired this book. I couldn't find a picture and our copy is a bit too battered to display!

The lighthouse keeper's cat by David and Rhonda Armitage has been one of our Five a Day before. A funny story of what happened when the cat was offended.

Tiger by Nick Butterworth was a Bookstart book. The story of a kitten who wants to think that he is a tiger.

Finally, a real classic, Tom Kitten by Beatrix Potter. I love these books and Mr Exuberance is starting to enjoy them too. Beatrix Potter has such a rich vocabulary and detailed pictures. This book was part of my childhood. It is a pleasure to introduce it to my children.

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  1. I've recently began reading Max my childhood copies of Beatrix Potter tales. You're right, the vocabulary is so rich and the illustrations just wonderful.

  2. We have some more Mog books if you'd like to borrow them?

  3. Lisa-yes please, we would love to borrow them.