Saturday, 8 October 2011


An assorted collection of posts that I have found useful. Hope you enjoy them.

 This is a helpful post from The Homeschool Post which addresses the issue of patience or lack of it and what God requires. Useful for all mothers without limitless patience, not just home educators.

I had planned to link to Sun hats and Wellie boots' post about laminating leaves especially as my husband has just brought me a laminator. Visitors to our home now find little laminated cards reminding them that "the door" is well, "the door".

Since finding the laminating leaf post, I saw the The Imagination Tree autumn play collection which includes the leaves and many other ideas. A fascinating resource with plenty of ideas for us. In the mean time, here is our version of laminating autumn in the garden-picked and designed by Miss Belle.

This document is something completely different. It is a document written for Canadian professional educators about improving boys' literacy. It is practical and has many helpful ideas and also statements which ring true.This, quite long, publication has many ideas for parents of boys especially in the middle years of education.

 It amazes me that at a few months off three years,Mr Exuberance has slightly but distinctly different tastes in books to his sister. He prefers books about machines and non-fiction whereas Miss Belle likes anything that involves princesses.
Finally, Kelly. at Generation Cedar, has posted about maintaining the margins. She defines this as
Margin is the space you leave around life’s events. It is limiting yours and your family’s activities and it is ultimately learning the important practice of saying “no”.

I'm off to finish preparing for the Lord's Day-that best of margins for all of us.


  1. Thanks for linking to my article - I'm so glad it was encouraging to you!

  2. Wow, lots of lovely ideas! I thought I'd let you know that we're doing the clay leaf bowls right now!
    Thanks for this,