Wednesday, 16 November 2011

December thoughts

This time of year, I'm in need of inspiration. We  celebrate Christmas remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus but it is a tiring time, in the midst of a grey time of year and comes at the end of a busy term. It is only too easy to lose focus and it seems difficult to find energy to run a hopefully happy time for several people when hibernation seems more suitable.

 So, my verse for December is going to be
 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.    Isaiah 40v31

A good verse to get the focus right and to know where to go for help when the volume just gets too much.

Once thing that I have been thinking about this year is the idea of a Jesse Tree. I hadn't heard to this until last year but the idea comes from the Lord Jesus being "a Branch of Jesse". The idea is to read a relevant Old Testament Scripture each day in December and add a relevant ornament to a tree. I'm still undecided about the tree and ornament part but certainly hope to read the children Scriptures about the promises of a Saviour through the Old Testament.

Having a five year old, not in school, at this time of year, is interesting. Good not to have to go to Nativity plays and events which are a travesty of what the event is about and often break the second commandment,  but slight concern, about missing out on the seasonal events. We are working on cards and carols. These snowmen are on the list to be done next and there are some special occasions coming up.

Onto other matters, I recently found a great maths site. Just right for the end of term!

One of my friends has recently started a site devoted to her upcycled accessories and with some useful tutorials which would also be suitable for older children.

Back to five year olds not in school, Booktime provides free books for children starting reception. However, home educated children are also eligible if they would otherwise be starting school. There is a dedicated page and form. The website does say delivery within three weeks, our books took nearer four but lead to a happy Miss Belle when a surprise parcel arrived.


  1. A friend of mine from church is doing the Jesse Tree and blogging about may want to check it out: