Wednesday 2 November 2011


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 The picture used was taken only seven miles from central London. One of the advantages of home education is being free to enjoy the outside world. I, and I suspect, the children, will miss being able to go outside so much as winter draws closer.

I recently found The Song for the fifth child. This seemed especially appropriate, yesterday, reading, about the 30 days to hands on play challenge. This is a challenge to play with your child for 15 minutes a day without interruption.

15 minutes without interruption would be a major achievement in this house but amazingly I managed to achieve this today. Some how, I suspect that this might be the only time!

Today, the challenge was to build and play in a fort. Hmmm, I built a fort from chairs, cushions and a blanket but Mr Exuberance wasn't the slightest interested. He wanted to build "Eiffel da Tower" from Duplo and was also sure that it should only have one leg. Not sure that this was quite what was intended but he loved his playtime with Mum and went back to his tower later.

On a quite different theme, Jeremy Walker recently posted a poem, In the dark of night when hell comes knocking. The sort of poem to remember and think about especially in rhe "dark of night" physically and emotionally. That makes it sound too bleak, it really is an encouragement.

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