Tuesday 15 November 2011

All those secrets of the world

This week, our Five in a Row  book is All those secrets of the world by Jane Yolen.
This is the autobiographical story of a four year old whose father goes sails off the the Second World War. It covers emotions and perspective gently and sensitively.
In the week after Rememberance Day and with a five year old very interested in the commemoration, this seemed a particularly suitable choice.
This book has plenty of discussion points from pollution to war to art. Perhaps less to show, at the end of the week, than for some other books but maybe more to think about.
So far we have looked at what happens when oil is mixed with water and talked about different sorts of pollution.
The book mentions the First World War song Over there so we listened to this.

We hope to read some books about the War and to tap Grandma's memories of rationing.

It didn't seem appropriate to go overboard on the war theme, with little one,s so the other books that I have chosen for this week are not about the war but about family events. This does fit in the All the Secrets of the world as this is about a family parting.

Jonathan Mark at Granny's by Jacqueline Sibley is a 1970s book, with 1970s illustrations, about a boy who stays with Granny while his parents are away and how he learns that God is always the same.

When the teddy bears came by Martin Waddell is about a new baby coming to a family. I had realised that Mr Exuberance might well miss out on this book whereas it has been read to the other children out of necessity. I love the gentle illustrations by Penny Dale.

When Willie went to the wedding by Judith Kerr is a hilarious tale about a boy and his pets who didn't want to miss out on the elder sister's wedding.

An evening at Alfie's by Shirley Hughes is a book brought second hand for our eldest. I'm amazed that it is still in reasonable condition. The story of how the pipes burst when Alfie's parents were out leaving the children with the teenage babysitter. Doesn't that make your blood run cold? Not half as bad as it sounds!
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  1. I really like your book choices. they give me ideas of what to give my grand-cuties for Christmas. Blessings!

  2. We love Shirley Hughes as well - ours are definitely NOT in reasonable condition ;)

    Hadn't heard of that Judith Kerr book before, will have a look out for that.

    Love the blog - that blogger theme is perfect for it!

  3. Thank you.
    Some of our Shirley Hughes show definite signs of wear-not sure why this one has escaped! We are on our second copy of "Out and about".
    I'm enjoying your blog too-good to "meet" other UK home educators.