Saturday 5 November 2011


This week, the younger two children have been enjoying Lentil. This is another of our Five in a row books and most of the ideas this week come from the Five in a Row manual.

Lentil is set in a fictional town, Alto, Ohio and features a boy who frustrated by his inability to sing or whistle learns to play the harmonica.

So what did we do?
Art: black and white drawings as the pictures in Lentil are in black and white. Miss Belle used charcoal and Mr Exuberance used wax crayon. Both children didn't want to leave their pictures in black and white so painted them.

Geography: we located Ohio on the world map. On another day, we made a quick drying clay model of Alto, Ohio.

Science: we talked about taste buds and made lemonade.

Language: started to talk about the difference between the English spoken on each side of the Atlantic. There are several relevant words in the book: "drug store", "barber shop" and "harmonica." We thought of a few more.
History: it was fun to go through the pictures and find, on most pages, indications that this isn't a modern book.
Music: we listened to the harmonica and sang She will be coming round the mountain.

There is so much more that we could do. We change book after a week although there would be plenty in Lentil to keep going for another week.


  1. We loved this book! I found a DIY harmonica at Maya Made's blog. Here is the web address

  2. I love your lesson ideas. They are so meaningful and interactive! Nice meeting you. I'll be back for more and if you visit me, please leave a comment.