Tuesday 10 May 2011

5-a-Day books: week 4 take 2

We struggled, a bit, with 5-a-Day, last week. By day two, I realised that the problem was that I had chosen books that I had already read and reread to the children and Miss Belle was getting a bit fed up and wanting something different. It didn't help that we went to the library on Tuesday, and took out close to the maximum 15 books each, so there was demand for the new books.

This week, I've decided to use books that are quite unfamiliar to the children and I'm carefully hiding the new FIAR books bringing out one each week.
So this week, we are reading

The story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf-this is also our FIAR book for the week. Not the train, this time but a story of a bull in Spain with fun illustrations.

The little red hen is a Ladybird book with plenty of repetition and somehow, I have managed not to read it to the younger children. One of the advantages of having several children and many books is that some escape notice.

Appley Dappley by Beatrix Potter is another that escaped. It was a gift when our second child was born and we read it over and over to the older two but it hasn't been read in recent years!

Noah and God's promises by Gloria Truitt has the Bible narrative in rhyme. It is an Arch book-these have been around since I was a child. I have only seen a limited number but understand that some are better than others.

Duck's day out by Jez Alborough isn't new to us but is one of Mr Exuberance's very best books so is included. This is a short book -again in rhyme.

These were well received today. We sat on the steps of Portcullis House, waiting for Middle Son to come out from a home education group trip to the Houses of Parliament, reading Duck's Day out! Sorry no photo-too difficult to co-ordinate two under fives, the book and a camera!


  1. A great idea to combine the two! We love the duck series. Such great, predictable rhyme. Thanks again for linking!