Tuesday 24 May 2011

Around home summer holiday activities

We are coming up to May half term and, soon after, the long holidays. Whilst, we could home educate all year round, we don't. The complexities would be too great with the eldest two being in school.

We don't plan to spend every day close to home but realistically, like much of the rest of the population, we will spend most days not too far from home and with petrol at record prices that probably isn't a bad choice.

So, what can the children do, in place of the default screen based activity? We are keen to restrict screen based activity but that means something has to take its place. I have written before about activities for middle childhood but have revisited this as I need to have careful plans in place before the holidays hit.

These are mainly activities for our local area but are possible in many areas. We live in London and there is so much to do in the centre but it takes time and logistics to get there. There is plenty of information, elsewhere, on what can be done in the centre.

These lists are, in many ways, for me but feel free to use them and to post comments to add to them.

Indoor activities
Card making
Preparing for hospitality/big picnics here with several friends
Menu making
Craft/painting with younger siblings-helping them with an adult within sight and earshot!
Crystal set
Chemistry set
Planning Blythswood box
Paper aeroplanes/boats
Competitions-The Biblical Library in Blackpool often has historical essay competitions for young people in the summer, Cath Kidston usually has a craft competition running

Outdoor activities-at home
Gardening/clearing wild patch for vegetables
Planting Christmas potatoes
Making solar oven
Painting garden furniture
Photographic record of part of garden

Activities in the local area
Kite flying
Bat walk/nature walk/night walk
Picnic in local parks/open spaces
Roller blading
Library summer reading challenge
Older children's playground/park gym activities
Bird watching
Photographic record of changes in tree/scene

We have found that both Usborne and Dorling Kindersley have books with plenty of activities for children in middle childhood.


  1. A wonderful list!! I like bird watching on your list! That's a great idea.

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  2. Thanks for the joining the FIAR blogroll :) I'm looking forward to a great year with FIAR and hope that it will be helpful to learn from others. ~Tamara / HomemakersHeart.com