Monday 2 May 2011

5-a-Day books: week 4

The children and I are enjoying 5-a-Day books. They wanted today's books read before breakfast-we managed to hold off one to be read over breakfast-the other four were read before.

Today is a public holdiay in the UK. Tomorrow, we go back to normality. I don't think that I will manage to read books before breakfast then!

Anyway, this week's choices are

The very busy spider by Eric Carle of Hungry Caterpillar fame. This has been a favourite for some time.

All shapes and sizes by Shirley Hughes. This is one of her toddler books-beautiful pictures and text looking at contrasts. The children have learnt much of this by frequent repetition but still love this.

Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough is from our local library and on loan for the nth time. It is more commonly known as Cuggly Duggly here.

Make way for the ducklings by Robert McCloskey is also our Five in a Row choice for this week. My FIAR manuals haven't arrived yet with all the holiday post but I decided to start this anyway. Hopefully, more of an update next week but for now, we decided to do a little trip to go with this. In lieu of a visit to Boston, we visited our extended garden aka the park, to see some ducks.
On the left, it is just possible to see a camouflaged Mallard on a nest.

Two ducklings-there was a fair amount of discussion as to whether they were Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack,Ouack, Pack or Quack.

Our final book for this week, is also a duck book.
Webster J. Duck by Martin Waddell is about a duck who couldn't find Mum Duck.
I've been realising that we have a fair number of books about ducks obviously a favourite theme for children's authors; it seems to go down well with the children.


  1. I love all of the duck stories! So perfect for this time of year when all the little ducklings are starting to appear. I had forgotten all about "Make Way for Ducklings"- I love that book. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get to the library asap!

  2. We worked through some of the 2nd volume of FIAR when my oldest was 4 and 5!! I really liked them and wished I had started at volume 1 and really devoted more time. The books they use are so great:)

    Love these books.... looks like a fun week;)