Monday 16 May 2011

5-a-Day books-week5

We have enjoyed 5-a-Day, this last week. Miss Belle has been wandering around quoting from books we have been reading. The books which rhyme tend to hold both children's attention best.

Please see the FIAR page for activities around The Story of Ferdinand, from last week.

This week's books are

Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans. Another from the Madeline series-this time, a visit to London and again, in rhyming text.

The little red car by Nicola Baxter. This is another Ladybird book with repetition which is best sung. This has appealed to all my children and I had cries of "Read it again", this morning.

Bluebell is a simple book with flaps and rhyme. It features princesses so appeals to Miss Belle. I can't say it is the most exciting book ever but then I'm not the judge.

Hairy McClary at the vets by Lynley Dodd.  Mr Exuberance loves this book-it is probably his favourite of all the Hairy McClary books that we have read. He is especially fascinated by Hairy McClary not being on every page.

Mirette on the high wire by Emily Arnold McCully

This is our FIAR book for this week.
There is plenty to explore in this book which is fiction based on the life of the famous highwire walker, Blondin. Today, we have talked about some of his feats and found photos of the Niagra Crossing as well as Philippe Petit who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974. This lead to a brief discussion about the fate of the Twin Towers.
We had omelette for lunch-Blondin cooked omelette over the Niagra Falls. The solid floor in the kitchen was fine for me.
While I cooked lunch, Miss Belle and Mr Exuberance, walked on a "highwire" or rather a string on the floor and had great fun acting out making omlette on the wire. Funnily, they rapidly decided that it was better to cook in a boat aka as the washing basket.

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  1. Making omelets on a high wire -- you're having too much fun! :-)