Monday 23 May 2011

5-a-Day books-week 6

Last week, The little red car with its catchy birthday tune was the favourite. Both children keep repeating snatches of the books we are reading or have read.
All this week's books seemed popular today and I had to read several twice.

It does seem to be important for Miss Belle, who is four and a half, that the books are new to her.

This week, I included three books from the library, a book that I picked up second hand on Saturday and our FIAR book which she hadn't previously seen. Mr Exuberance who is over two years younger is quite happy to have books repeated and enjoys having some previous weeks' books as bedtime stories.

Monday Run-day by Nick Sharratt is short and catchy around the days of the week.

Amazing animals rainforest romp by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker has rhyming text about the South American rainforest. There are extra animals to find in the pictures which the children enjoyed today.

Master Bun the Baker's boy by Allan Ahlberg and Fritz Wegner is from the Happy Family series. This fitted in well with our FIAR book today where we were talking about different occupations.

A Mountain Alphabet by Margaret Ruurs was my great find from the second hand sale.  I had never heard of it before but it is brilliant. It is a truly beautiful book about the Rocky Mountains with so much detail in the pictures by Andrew Kiss. The text is full of alliteration and there are notes at the back giving more information about the pictures. It also fits well with the next book which is about the Appalachian Mountains.

When I was young in the mountains by Cynthia Rylant is our FIAR book for this week. It is a simple story about life on the mountains. We are looking forward to exploring this book further. Corn bread is part of a meal in the book and is on the menu for tomorrow-I'm looking forward to that!

Take a look at 5-a-Day books and join in!
5 a day books

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