Monday 30 May 2011

Last week

Last week, was the last week before our half term break. We had a busy time with Five in a Row where we rowed "When I was young in the mountains."  I've written a bit about it on the Five in a Row page.

Stacey commented letting me know about the FIAR resources on Homeschool share. This site also has FIAR-like ideas around other books-many of which are easily available. One downside of FIAR is that a few of the picture books, around which the curriculum is based, are out of print and very expensive. We made the decision not to use these particular books so this site is a great boon.

Hopefully, though, several packages will arrive this week containing in print FIAR books. Exciting-I love book packages! Now, to declutter to make bookshelf space.

We are taking a break from FIAR, this week, for half term. We have people to meet up with, every day, so would struggle to find time. Half term, got off to a good start, on Saturday, with Middle son and a friend, finding a newt in our garden-the first for several years. The picture of the newt was a bit sad-camoflage doesn't help photos.

Instead, a photo of our photos from the Potatoes for Schools campaign. Hope they carry on growing well-I don't have green fingers!

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