Tuesday, 26 April 2011

5-a-Day books: week 3

We rather limped through last week, with Easter, and family illness taking me out of town on a couple of days-one without the children. It was good though to have some books set out to grab without too much thought.

Five in a Row probably also didn't get our best but I was impressed. I managed to buy volumes 2 and 3,secondhand, on a home education list, last week, so I'm eagerly awaiting them.

This is what we did "rowing" Madeline:
Day 1: found France on the world map and put the "button" on the map. Looked at photos of Paris.

Day2: ate croissants for breakfast and baguette for lunch.

Day3: talked about symmetry and looked at bridges for symmetry. We counted the number of girls in each of the two straight lines and talked about how many there would be in three straight lines. Ideally, we should have counted this out using objects or pictures but we were having a picnic while travelling and I didn't get that far.

Day4:talked about the appendix and different things to do to be healthy including  talking about the privilege of having clean water.

This week has two public holidays and probably more trips out of town so we will give Five in a Row a rest until next week. These are our 5-a-Day books:

Daisy by Jane Simmons- a simple story about a duck which is much loved by both children.

Alfie's feet by Shirley Hughes. Our copy was brought at a jumble sale over fifteen years ago and has been read again and again so looks rather "loved."

The jolly barnyard by Annie North Bedford. Rhyming story of how animals treat the farmer on his birthday-there are some amusing touches.

The tale of Jemima Puddleduck by Beatrix Potter.

Mr Little's noisy train by Richard Fowler- a fun story with noises and flaps.

Happy reading!

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