Thursday 14 April 2011

Icy Spring

Several months ago, Miss Belle and I made ice sculptures. Now that it is Spring and there are so many more flowers around, she asked to make more but with a more Spring theme.

This is so simple. We wandered round the garden picking flowers-a favourite activity. The flowers were put into a muffin tray,a loop of string was added to each hole, water added and the tray frozen.

The next day, we took the tray out of the freezer, removed the icy sculptures and hung them in the garden.
Of course, they didn't last long but then we could talk about melting and why it took a shorter time than in January.

Miss Belle could do most parts of the activity herself. She needed some help with the loops of string and with removing the ice from the tin.

I'm linking this to It's Playtime.


  1. Great to have the kids come back to an activity you did before, huh? Must mean you're doing something right! I love how these are decorations for outside! What fun - sad though when they melt away :(

    Thanks so much for linking this up to It's Playtime this week! I hope you come back and play with us again next Thursday too!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  2. Thanks for linking this up Sarah! I was looking at the fallen magnolia petals this week and wondering if they would freeze, and now I know they will! I think it's such a lovely activity and particularly love that it is temporary, yet with plenty of opportunity for learning things in the process. Please link again next week!

  3. Will do this when my grand-cuties come back! Blessings!

  4. I bookmarked this idea last time you posted about it, but we still haven't got round to doing it! Thanks for the reminder.