Monday 18 April 2011

5-a-day books: week2

We have enjoyed the first week of 5-day-books. Mr Exuberance was particularly keen on "We are going on a bear hunt" and "10 in the bed".

 I had wondered about Miss Belle and whether she would require a separate list. Generally, she listened although she was occasionally busy with other activities.

Generally, the children have wanted to have more books read. I suspect because the scheme has increased their focus on books.

For this week, we are planning to read

Ox-cart man by Donald Hall. This is already a favourite with Miss Belle. A Caldecott medal winning book from the US describing the seasons on an old farmstead.
This is the bear by Sarah Hayes. Both children already like this book. The font is large and the rhyming text is simple with some words that my beginning reader can manage plus she already knows most of the text by heart. Hopefully, a win-win.

The Lord builds the house illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn. A beautiful book with the Authorised Version (King James) of Psalm 127 and detailed illustrations of family life by Johannah Bluedorn. One of the older children learnt this Psalm by having this book read aloud.

 Amazing machines by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. Mr Exuberance loves this book. It is really four books in one and my book for this week is Terrific trains. In reality, I don't think I've often lifted this book without having to read all four stories. Fun rhymes and great for children who love machines.

Madeline  by Ludwig Behelmans. I wrote about Five in a Row. Madeline is a featured book and we are planning to "row" this book with an activity each day, well probably not Good Friday. There are some brilliant ideas around this at
Creekside learning.

Happy reading!

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  1. Lovely selection again! I like the look of The Lord Builds The House very much.
    I hope 5 in a row goes well- I've heard good things about it! These two ideas will sit really nicely together!

  2. Great selection! I love the Ox-cart Man. I wish had kept all the books I had when our children were growing up. Your lists makes me want to buy them all over again! Blessings!