Thursday, 26 July 2012


One of our family members is hoping to study at Cambridge so Miss Belle and Mr Exuberance were keen to visit and see what the place is  like.

This last year, we've realised that train travel is so much easier now we don't have to use a stroller so off we went on public transport. In retrospect, bringing little people back through London, on the tube on a hot day, in the rush hour, two days before the London Olympics are due to start wasn't particularly clever. Still, we had a successful, if exhausting, day.

Cambridge was just full of bicycles.

Of course, the colleges




The children hadn't realised or probably, more correctly, I hadn't explained that Cambridge is more than a university. They were impressed by the bookshops -is this nuture or nature? The museums were also a hit.

Bear looking at a bollard at the entrance to the Sedwick  Museum of Earth Sciences.
This museum was particularly child friendly and the iguanodon reconstruction was a real bonus. We wouldn't agree with the historical interpretation of much in the Museum but it is worth viewing, none the less.

Lion outside the Fitzwilliam Museum
We looked at the Egyptian collection and the amazing paintings on the coffins.

We were tired after this so wandered to the River Cam.

The cows were a surprise-I'm not a Cambridge graduate!

There are some tired children. I'm not sure how far we walked but it was very hot and they are both too big for me to carry!

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  1. Sarah, this reminds me of a trip to visit a friend in Cambridge a couple of years ago. I remember sitting in that field of cows (the cows weren't there) watching the children punt. Its a beautiful place.