Tuesday 17 July 2012

Kids in Museums

Museums can either make families very welcome or make parents anxious and put children off visiting again. Kids in Museums exists to be The voice for family museum visitors across Britain.

They have produced a 20 point manifesto for helping families visiting museums and galleries. The emphasis is on what can be done and not on what isn't allowed. I loved the point about noisy children, titled Don't say ssshhhush!

Even more useful, from my point of view, at the beginning of the holidays is the list of supporters by county. This is a list of museums and galleries which have signed up to the manifesto. There are several places that I didn't know about or hadn't considered within reasonable reach for a day out. I'm thinking of adding them as possible trips, this summer

 Perhaps, more interesting is that several of our most successful trips have been to places listed.

RAF Museum is on the list of supporters and provided child friendly activities for our visit.

What do you find makes a successful family museum trip?


  1. Well trained children :-) (And a very important part of term for school kids).

    Seriously, I've not had a problem with museums. If we visit outside of school holidays we often find the staff very willing to listen, talk, answer questions etc.

    Prob the hardest thing for me is meaningless bored crowds (who are only there cos it was on their tour agenda for free) (e.g. Imperial Ware Museum) and exhibits which seem to be hands' on, but are not (and the "do not touch" sign is in minuscule writing somewhere obscure.

    Much though I love free museums and days' out; I prefer those we pay for, esp during the free-for-all-riot (er the school holidays).

    Did I mention Tesco cards? A Tesco credit card gives amazing savings on days' out all over London.


  2. Tesco points-we've done really well with trips on Clubcard deals.

    We've usually had no problem with museums-the one with a stuffed fox for the children to touch freaks me a bit!

    I know what you mean about the riot. Central London certainly won't be the place to be this summer holidays!