Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer days

We are now a couple of weeks into the summer break and a few themes are emerging

  • Books after breakfast, especially with Mr Exuberance. 

  • Cycling with a little girl who has just learnt to ride and improves daily.

  • Going outside everyday, whatever the weather.

  • Rockets are Mr Exuberance's current enthusiasm so there has been a bit of rocket building using various materials and with varying results. He is showing his Mother's frustration when projects just don't look as good as the picture in the brain. No, he definitely doesn't believe that the process is more important than the result.

  • Planning, most evenings, when I probably should be cleaning! I quite like planning, especially when it isn't for tomorrow, and know that any labour now is likely to bring benefits later.
What I would like to add into the mix
  • more reading, for me, especially some more doctrinal books. Tiredness has been a major issue so far but hopefully that will improve. I definitely do better with thinner books! There is plenty to read: books that we hope to use for next year's curriculum, books about education, books relating to the older children's courses so I know what they are talking about (!), some recent Christian books as well as some that have been on our shelves for ages but I haven't read. 
So what does the reading list look like? Please remember, I haven't read these so can't be held responsible for their content! 
  • The Secret of Communion with God Matthew Henry
  • Parenting by God's promises Joel Beeke. I gave this to my husband so he gets first read although he is making rapid progress!
  • The Story of the World volume 1:Ancient Times Susan Wise Bauer. Next year's history, I think.
  • Science to 14 Stephen Pople-rather obviously a textbook
  • Shakespeare stories Leon Garfield
  • The undercover economist Tim Harford
No, that doesn't include everything from the main categories-not sure that success is possible.
How do you make time to read?


  1. That is a very impressive list. I have about 5 books on the go that I am very slowly finishing. I'm trying to go up to bed a bit earlier and read there. Reading downstairs just doesn't seem to work - there are always things I can see that need doing! I've just read "The Way Home' by Mary Pride and found it very inspiring.

  2. Lisa, I know, there always seems to be so much to do before reading. I haven't read "The way home" although have "Schoolproof" out of the library but not read yet.