Monday 16 July 2012

Holiday catch up

We've finished official home education, for the summer, now so I'm "on holiday". The "holiday" seems a bit hopeful though-there is all that catching up on cleaning to do and those projects: sorting out the books that have never been properly arranged, gardening-when the rain stops and even some decoration. 

Then there are the children, yes, it is holiday time but I'm still hoping to slip in a bit of education here and there, in a more unschooling fashion than usual. Plus of course, planning for the next academic year and all those areas in which to improve. 

Thankfully, there has been rest:

  •  Little children who love mud and have spent several sessions stamping in mud and even painting each other with it. Very amusing until the little hands left rather large muddy marks on the walls!
  •  Exploring a little person's love of rockets and trying to make some boxes into a rocket. 
  • Time to go out with all five of the children-a rare treat nowadays. Time to treasure.
  • Making volcanoes with little people again and again.
Inside version-this looks rather pale as the children decided to add blue colouring inside of the usual red.

Outside version
  • Discovering word searches on the back of cereal packets
  • Time just to read books to a little person with an insatiable appetite for books.

If only I could get the balance right!

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