Thursday 5 July 2012

July inspiration and an award

I can't quite believe that July is here and the end of the academic year. Not that child training stops. The Biblical command to teach God's commands to our children isn't limited by time of year.

We are looking forward to doing some different things. Something that is likely to be a one off is seeing the Olympic torch.

Over the last few days, as we've been approaching the end of the year, Middle Son and I have had great fun with Seterra which is a free geography game. We have been challenging each other and discovering rather large gaps in our knowledge. My knowledge of the regions of Japan is sketchy to put it kindly. We haven't done anything like all the quizzes but the countries of Europe and large countries of the world have been played several times. I'm planning that we continue playing this over the holidays. Thank you to Annie Kate at Teatime with Annie Kate for posting about this.

I was excited to have been awarded the Liebster blog award by Clare at Smooth and Easy days. This award was created especially for blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

I am passing the award on to these blogs.

Create with your hands. Ellie has three young children and writes about creativity with them. Don't miss her pirate posts!

Leading little hearts to Him is a Christian home education blog. I first found this when researching Five in a Row books. Christine's Five in a Row posts are detailed and have some great ideas.

Debbie at Our Cup of tea is an American home educating in the UK. The geography posts on this blog are amazing resources and have saved me loads of work-always a good thing.

Do visit these blogs!

While I'm talking about links, for those of you on Pinterest and Facebook, do pop over an see the Delivering Grace pages. 


  1. Thank you! Feel honoured with my first award! Glad you've enjoyed reading.


  2. Thank you! I feel honoured, too (notice how I used the British spelling there). :) Have a blessed day, and I hope you all get some sunshine (I'm in the US until the end of the month, but I've heard from all my friends about all the rain there).

  3. Debbie, I noted the spelling! Have a great time in the US. Yes, we've had loads of rain although no flooding here-it doesn't feel quite like July but at least we don't have a drought any more!

  4. Congrats on the blog award:) I hope you get to see the Olympic torch, it pass my area this weekend but it was early int he morning and I couldn't get my lazy family out of bed in time:( My friends went and they had so much fun

  5. I'm sure the Tudor re-enactment was even more fun.

  6. Thank you for the award! And congrats to you for also receiving it!! I can't wait to post this on my blog! Thank you for thinking of me and reading my posts!
    Be glad you have rain! We have had very HOT days here in the US, we need rain! Have a wonderful day!! Blessings!