Monday 2 July 2012

Edith Cavell

While we were in central London, last week, we walked around to the side of the National Portrait Gallery to see the statue of Edith Cavell.
I was interested to see this, again, as I had recently read A cup of cold water: the compassion of nurse Edith Cavell  by Christine Forenhorst. This book is in the series Chosen daughters published by P and R publishers. Whilst the series might suggest that this book is written for girls, I can't see why it wouldn't appeal to boys although I can see the series title putting off some boys!

My knowledge of Edith Cavell was minimal so it was good to find out more and a little about her faith. The book is a fictionalised biography so I was a bit disappointed to discover that one quite amusing scene which appeared to be pivotal to her faith didn't actually happen. That aside, I enjoyed finding out more about this brave and determined lady who was also a talented artist, fund raiser for a Sunday School and governess plus being fluent in French.

This book is suitable for older children probably 10+ and would fit in well with learning about the First World War.

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