Thursday 12 July 2012

Loved and battered chapter books

Some of the chapter books seem to be even more loved than the picture books. Whilst many chapter books are only read once by each child, these are the special books that have been read and re-read.

  • Chronicles on Narnia by CS Lewis. We brought a big combined volume for our eldest when Middle Son was born. They have now been read by three children and long sections, at the very least, read to the four eldest.

  • Farmer boy by Laura Inglis Wilder. We have the whole set of books which have had several readings but Farmer Boy seems to be a favourite. This book makes me hungry-there is so much food in it.

  • Heidi by Johanna Spyri was given to me as a child. I read and reread this book and now it has been read by my children. I'm looking forward to reading it to Miss Belle, maybe next year but don't want to rush in with an abridged version.

  • Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen Taylor is a child's version of Pilgrim's Progress. This is used at church with the younger children. Our children have generally wanted the relevant chapters reread in the week.

  • My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell, again, a book from my childhood.

  • The Milly Molly Mandy books by Joyce Lankester Brisley about the family who live in the "white cottage with a thatched roof". These are old fashioned being published in the 1920s but still appeal almost 100 years later. Who wouldn't want to adopt a hedgehog, go blackberrying and have a letter from half way across the world?

  • Not really a chapter book but well used is the Macmillan Treasury of Poetry for children. This is a bit patchily used as the children vary from hating poetry to requesting something from the "Rhyme book" every evening but definitely something that we have used again and again.


  1. Apart from Farmer Boy and the Macmillian Treasury of Poetry for Children, I remember reading all of those books years ago. Seeing their titles brings back some nice childhood memories!

  2. I do like the Narnia books. There was a TV series when I was young also!

  3. Hazel, I love reading these books too. It is great introducing the children to them.

  4. Science Sparks, it is still possible to get hold of the BBC DVDs of Narnia. The children have enjoyed these too.